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It is hard to believe that three weeks have already come and gone in 2017. For many people, this is all the time it has taken for their New Year’s resolutions to be scrapped.  We always have such good intentions, but then life happens and few carry through.

I want to challenge you early in this year to consider a different question. Instead of what is your resolution, what is your word for 2017?  On the first day of this New Year, our Pastor challenged us with this question during his sermon.  He told us that God gave Abram a small word “go”, and this word had great significance for his life and future.

I pondered and prayed about this question for almost a week. I asked God, “What word will define my life in You in 2017?”  Finally, I felt clearly that word drop into my spirit…..FAVOR.  When I heard that word, I picked up my phone and asked Siri what the definition of favor was.  She replied, “Support or advancement given as a sign of approval or overgenerous preferential treatment.”  If I consider this definition of favor in the context of my question, it gives me great anticipation about what 2017 could hold for me!

I began to ponder and pray specifically about that word and I quickly saw an acrostic for that word “favor”.

F = Father

The significance for this in my personal life is that our church had been in transition between Pastors for about six months. We had amazing support from our semi-retired staff pastor in the interim, but January 1, 2017 marked the day that our new father was home.  Many fail to see the significance of a spiritual father, but I place high emphasis on this role in my life.  Just as a natural father provides protection, guidance, and authority for a household, a spiritual father can equally bring stability to a corporate body who submits to their headship.  It is a powerful force in the life of a believer.

A = Advancement

I believe 2017 is a year of forward momentum! Waiting is painful, but sometimes essential.  During those delays, we are often being prepared for what is ahead.  At the appointed time, the door opens and it is time to advance.  I am believing for some open doors this year!

V = Victory

2017 can be a year of great victory in your life. Sometimes it feels as if we are circling the same mountains over and over in our lives, but I believe this year it will be more like circling the walls of Jericho, where we see the obedient persistence causes the wall to fall flat and create a bridge into our future! (See Joshua 6)

O = Order

Some Christian references state that the number 17 represents “perfection of spiritual order”.1  I believe this signifies things coming into alignment.  Alignment sets the stage for advancement and ultimate victory!

R = Results

Many people have been faithful for extended periods. They have contended and persevered through multiple challenges and navigated many obstacles, but I believe this is the year for results!

I am claiming Psalm 5:12 for my life this year. “For it is You who blesses the righteous man, O Lord, You surround him with favor as with a shield” (NASU).  I believe this is a year of favor for my life.  What is your word for 2017?  I encourage you to seek the Lord, hear His voice, then write it down and watch it happen this year!img_02264

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