26102915_10211152629351451_2129966095_n.pngHere I sit in the quietness of an empty nester’s home on Christmas morning just reminiscing about all the December 25th mornings when my children were young. I am thinking about the current fun happening at my son and daughter’s houses right now, as my young grandsons have awakened to find presents that have been left for them and overflowing stockings full of their favorite goodies.  It warms my heart to know they are creating memories and traditions that their family will recall someday too.  These are moments to cherish.

Many people do not have the pleasure of joyful Christmas memories and that makes today difficult. Some are faced with their first Christmas without someone special due to broken relationships or the loss of their loved ones this year.  Some have arranged for an amazing family time, only to have weather or illness cancel their plans, leaving them full of disappointment.

My Christmas wish for all today is that we find joy in the reason for this season, which is Christ our Savior, and allow Him to help us live our lives in a way that we bring the love and joy of Christmas into every day of this coming year. If we could be still long enough in the business of life, to count the many blessings we have received, I believe we would realize they usually outnumber the challenges that we face.  If we could live our life loving our neighbor as ourselves, how differently would this year be?

Take a moment today and thank God for all the people He has placed in your life, cherish those moments together throughout the year, not just at Christmas. Find a way to encourage and show compassion to others, you will find it is an amazing gift to give and receive.  Lastly, make room for Jesus in your life every day, not just during this season.  He is the reason we have an opportunity for eternal life.  He is our greatest gift!

I am so thankful for all of my treasured friends and family!  Christmas blessings and love to all!