This weekend many will watch the greatest game of the Football season as Super Bowl 54 kicks off in Miami Florida.  I am a Missouri girl, so I guess you know which team I will be rooting for!

Ironically, I have loved the game of football since I was a young teen, and my friend’s family invited me to my first professional football game at the home of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Before life with my own family was so busy, I enjoyed playing fantasy football.  Then I thoroughly enjoyed watching my son play the game in high school.

You may not be a football fan, but this game gives me so many spiritual analogies, that I love to find one in this season of the year.

“Find the Seam” is a term that references a receiver who has the ability to find the gaps or opening in the zone defense.  A smart offense will run route combinations that are difficult for the defense to cover.

I once posted the below picture on my Secret Place Revelation Facebook page.

After posting it, I just couldn’t get the image of that lock holding the door shut off my mind.  I guess I have always operated under the assumption that God opens doors of opportunities in my life, and closes doors where protection is needed.  I do believe that this happens in the life of a Christian, but I recently began to ponder the possibility that perhaps the enemy wants to close doors to prevent us from walking into our destiny.

To say this in my football analogy, the zone defense is closing all the seams and the receiver cannot find the opening to make the forward momentum toward the goal line!  This thought made me take a step back and consider the possibility that I didn’t win because I let my opponent out play me!

This weekend when Mahomes faces off against Garoppolo, they each will look for the receiver who can find the seam.  If the defense closes in, they will look for a different opening.

I can tell you for me personally, I plan to look at open and closed doors differently in my future.  While there may be times I must trust God’s sovereignty, I am not going to sit back idly and see if an opening appears, I am going to scout my opponent’s defense and make sure he isn’t just blocking my progress.

Is there an area in your life you need to make some forward momentum? Don’t let your opponent keep you from finding the seam!